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Paint Colors and the Pacific Northwest

By jason on August 7, 2013 in Blog

pacificnorthwestWhen the skies are cloudy in Oregon, which they often are, it’s best to choose colors for your interior that look good in filtered light. Since variations in light affect how color appears to the eyes, considering how certain colors look in certain lighting conditions is essential to picking colors that will compliment your home’s interior; highly filtered light, with often overcast skies, calls for more muted and subtle tones.

Colors that complement the Pacific Northwest are clear or muted neutrals that reflect the moody weather and the often changing colors of both the sea and mountains. Greys, tans, blues, whites, and other earth tones are an excellent choice to compliment the natural light that is often more subtle than what we see in the southwest and other more arid regions.

All of the rain in the Pacific Northwest does wonders for gardens and flowers; they seem to grow almost effortlessly, casting a wonderful spell of color through spring and summer. These bright splashes of color can complement the more neutral tones that tend to dominate this region, lending it a spark of the bohemian, and blending in well with tones like sage, sesame, or a dusky blue.

While the landscape may sometimes look faded and sparkly with mist, a move toward an earth-toned palette grounds the soul and warms up the interior. Burnt orange, mushroom, and deep spruce help to provide a sense of solidness to the often ethereal landscape and ever changing shades of the sky visible through your windows. The combined contrast palette is harmonious and feels rooted.

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